Manage Your Healthcare Digitally with Patient Portal

Click Here for Patient Portal

*It's quick and easy. Click the green button or go to where you can create a portal account and log in whenever you wish to communicate with us.

What is Patient Portal?

Patient Portal is Dr. Maurer’s secure digital office. Here, you can:

  • • Schedule in-office appointments, confirm dates and times of upcoming appointments and review your office visit history
  • • Make payments
  • • Review and request test results
  • • Send secure messages to Dr. Maurer and receive responses within two business days and during regular office hours
  • • Update insurance information
  • • Revise your patient information like your name, address, personal preferences, and email address
  • • Download office forms to print and fill out before your visit
  • • Access medical information 24/7

The Patient Portal should be used for non-urgent medical matters.

Call our office if you have urgent medical questions. If our office is closed, please listen to the office voicemail for instructions about how to reach Dr. Maurer.

If you are experiencing a potentially life-threatening emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room!

Have questions about Patient Portal?

Read our Patient Portal FAQs or stop by our office to have a staff member give you a guided tutorial.