⌵  What Is eVisit?

eVisit is a third party, HIPAA and American Telemedicine Association-compliant platform. When you register for Dr. Maurer’s eVisit platform, you can schedule immediate virtual appointments (dependent on Dr. Maurer’s on-demand availability) or future virtual visits.

Dr. Maurer typically offers on-demand eVisits for urgent matters after-hours and on weekends. For non urgent matters, Dr. Maurer offers eVisits on weekdays by appointment.

 ⌵ How Do I Sign Up For eVisit?

You have to be a current patient of Dr. Maurer to use eVisit. If you aren’t, call the office, give us your information, and schedule your first in-office appointment. After your first in-person visit, you can begin using eVisit to virtually see Dr. Maurer from home!

To register, request an appointment, and attend an eVisit, follow the steps below or watch a step-by-step tutorial.

 ⌵ How To Register

You only have to go through the eVisit registration process once. After you’ve registered, please use the “How to book or request and eVisit” walk-through to book and go to virtual appointments. To register,

  • Grab any device to register for eVisit (a tablet, iPhone, Android phone, desktop computer, or laptop)
  • Begin eVisit registration by clicking the “Request an eVisit” button at the top of Dr. Maurer’s website, or following Dr. Maurer’s personal practice link. You must always use this specific web address to access Dr. Maurer’s private platform.
  • Once you’re on http://app.evisit.com/ng/#/enroll/scottmaurermd, create a username and password
  • Fill out your profile information
  • Enter your Visa or Mastercard credit card or health savings card information. *eVisit requires your credit card information to become a user. However, you will only ever be charged by Dr. Maurer after each eVisit based on insurance and co-pay. Any remaining balance will be credited to your account.

 ⌵ How Do I Book Or Request An eVisit?

After you register for eVisit, there are two ways to schedule and attend appointments:

  • On Desktop or Laptop
  • When using eVisit to book and attend appointments, you must use Firefox or Chrome browsers! No other browsers are supported at this time and eVisit will not work if you’re logged into Safari, Internet Explorer, or Bing.
  • On Mobile Device
  • Download the eVisit app for Android on Google Play, or for iPhone through the app store. Once downloaded, you can use the eVisit app on iPhone, Android, or tablet to schedule and attend appointments.
  • Whichever device you choose (and no matter if you use the eVisit app or your computer),
  • Log into your eVisit account
  • Select “See Now” to see Dr. Maurer as soon as possible or “Schedule an Appointment” to book an eVisit for a later date and time
  • Enter a brief explanation for the reason of your visit
  • If you choose “See Now,” click “Join Now,” follow the prompts, and wait for Dr. Maurer to arrive at your eVisit. You can opt to receive an email and/or text message when Dr. Maurer is ready for your appointment if you prefer.
  • If you schedule an appointment for a later time, log into your eVisit account and click “Join Now” when it’s time to meet
  • For every immediate or scheduled visit, don’t forget to approve the use of your video camera and microphone to avoid any interruption to your connection or appointment time slot!
  • Once your eVisit is complete, Dr. Maurer will charge your health savings card or credit card on file to cover your co-pay. Any remaining balance will be credited to your account and your insurance (if you’re covered) will be billed accordingly.

 ⌵ How Much Do eVisits Cost?

eVisits are billed like regular office visits. Patients with insurance for telemedicine visits will pay their usual co-pay. Please note that Medicare will not cover telemedicine visits at this time. Patients without insurance coverage for a telemedicine visit or those who don’t have insurance will pay a flat $49 fee. You will only ever be billed by Dr. Maurer (eVisit does not charge patients to use its services) after your scheduled appointment. If you have any billing questions, please visit Patient Portal to review invoices or contact our office.

 ⌵ Which Devices Can I Use For An eVisit?

eVisit is compatible with desktops and laptops (with Firefox and Chrome browsers only) and through the eVisit app on Android phone, iPhone, and tablets. You will need a working video camera and microphone on any device you plan on using for eVisit appointments.

 ⌵ Why And When Should I Book An eVisit?

If you wake up feeling sick, don’t have time to come to the office, need medical care on nights or weekends, need a new prescription, can’t drive, or have worrisome new symptom you can book an eVisit. eVisits allow you greater ease, convenience, and flexibility to see Dr. Maurer during the week, over the weekend, and after-hours. If you are experiencing a potentially life-threatening emergency, please don’t rely on eVisit. You need to dial 911 and go to the emergency room immediately.

 ⌵ What’s The Difference Between An eVisit And In-Office Appointment?

Booking an eVisit allows you to see Dr. Maurer from the comfort of your own home—without having to come to the office. eVisits are typically five to 15 minutes and cost the same co-pay as an in-office visit (for in-network patients). All other patients pay a flat $49 fee for an eVisit. eVisits are just as safe and secure as an in-office visit—the platform is HIPAA and American Telemedicine Association-compliant. The only difference between an eVisit and office visit is your ability to video chat with Dr. Maurer via computer, tablet, Android phone, or iPhone instead of in-person.

 ⌵ I’m Having Technical Difficulties With eVisit, What Do I Do?

Here are some ways to troubleshoot eVisit.

  • If on desktop or laptop, ensure you’re using Firefox or Chrome browsers and logging onto eVisit through Dr. Maurer’s private link
  • If on a mobile device, ensure you have downloaded the app for Android phone/tablet or iPhone/tablet. eVisit won’t work on mobile devices unless you have the app
  • Log into eVisit and use the technology check feature that’s available through your profile to verify your camera and microphone are working
  • If you’re still having problems, give us a call and we’ll try to walk you through your issue

 ⌵ Are eVisit And Patient Portal The Same Thing?

No, they’re different platforms. eVisit is the only platform that allows you to have virtual appointments with Dr. Maurer. Patient Portal lets you­­­­­ send and receive electronic messages, access health records, request and view test results, make payments, and more.

Patient Portal

 ⌵ What Is Patient Portal?

Patient Portal is your digital medical dashboard—a way to securely access your healthcare your way, 24/7. On Patient Portal, you can review your health records, talk to Dr. Maurer directly through secure messages (and receive responses within two business days), make appointments, receive test results, pay bills, update insurance information, and more.

 ⌵ How Do I Sign Up For The Patient Portal?

If you are registered in our office as a current patient you can register for portal access by

  • Clicking the button on the homepage "Log In/Register for Patient Portal
  • Navigate your browser to 19508.portal.athenahealth.com

If you are a new patient with an appointment scheduled in future you can access the portal by the same means. Then you may provide us with medical information in advance to make your visit more efficient and thorough.

 ⌵ Can I Talk To Dr. Maurer Directly On Patient Portal?

Yes. You may send and receive secure messages on Patient Portal—like an email service. Dr. Maurer will respond to your messages within two business days and within regular office hours. If you have an urgent medical need call our office. If you are experiencing a potentially life-threatening emergency, please dial 911.

 ⌵ Is My Information Safe On Patient Portal?

Yes. We use a secure “tunnel” connection that employs computer encryption technology to prevent others from gaining unauthorized access to your health information and communications. This computer encryption is HIPAA-compliant and meets standards specified in state and federal law. We do ask that you change your password regularly and keep it secret to ensure the protection of your account and sensitive information.

 ⌵ Are eVisit And The Patient Portal The Same Thing?

No, they’re different platforms. eVisit is the only platform that allows you to virtually see Dr. Maurer from home. Patient Portal lets you access health records, request and view test results, make payments, and more.

General Questions

 ⌵ What insurance does Dr. Maurer accept?

Dr. Maurer accepts patients who are in- and out-of-network. Since insurance policies are always changing, please visit our insurance page to see if your current insurance is covered by Dr. Maurer.

 ⌵ What kind of patients does Dr. Maurer accept?

Dr. Maurer is a primary care physician, internist, and geriatrician. He accepts all patients 16-years and older.

 ⌵ I’m a new patient. What do I need to bring to an office appointment?

Your insurance information, photo identification, recent lab results, and any recent notes you have from previous physician. We would love for you to register for the portal and provide information for our review before and during your visit. Also, use this handy guide to make sure you bring everything you need when you visit Dr. Maurer for the first time.