Primary Care for Adults

Dr. Maurer has spent 30+ years as a primary care internist and geriatrician in Glenwood, Maryland. Whether you need routine check-ups, testing, or urgent care, Dr. Maurer can help keep you healthy.

Primary Care and Behavioral Health Office Services

 ⌵ Telemedicine and In-office Visits

Need to get blood work orders? Don’t have time to drop by for a prescription refill? Feeling too crummy to come in for a visit? No problem. Choose to see Dr. Maurer in-person by scheduling an in-office appointment or virtually by requesting an eVisit. Our new virtual eVisit appointments offer patients a whole new level of ease and convenience. Access same-day medical care from home, schedule appointments, or take advantage of extended night and weekend hours for busy schedules.

 ⌵ Digital Doctor’s Office

Although our staff is always eager to answer your calls, sometimes we get backed up with other patients! Save yourself the time and hassle of waiting on the phone by registering for the handy Patient Portal. With Patient Portal, you can access your medical records, securely message Dr. Maurer (and receive a response within two business days), request prescription refills, view test results, update personal insurance information, pay bills, and view past and upcoming doctor visits.

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 ⌵ Preventative Testing

Keeping you healthy is our main goal. We apply the latest science and the least invasive screening techniques to stop your potential health problems before they occur.

 ⌵ Routine and Follow-up Visits

Dr. Maurer specializes in treating patients with multiple diagnoses and complex medications. If you have chronic problems like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or arthritis, we can help you better manage your symptoms while finding the best prescription options at the lowest cost—so you don’t suffer from unnecessary expense or side effects.

 ⌵ Pre-Op and Post-Op Care

Every surgery has its risks and rewards. Before you go under the knife, schedule an eVisit or in-office appointment to learn about potential complications. This medical guidance will help you determine the best plan of action and gain peace of mind that you’ve made the right decision.

If you do choose to undergo surgery, Dr. Maurer can assist you in your delicate transition from hospital or rehab center to home—managing stress, pain, and logistics. We’ll worry about gathering records from your doctors, so you can get back on your feet and feeling great ASAP!

 ⌵ Referrals

Dr. Maurer is a part of a network of top doctors at Howard County General Hospital, a division of Johns Hopkins Medicine. If you need a referral for local or downtown physician in medical, surgical, and other specialties, Dr. Maurer can connect you with the best of the best.

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"Dr. Maurer delivers absolute professionalism bound by an intimate knowledge of a patient’s needs. "


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Meet Dr. Maurer

Dr. Maurer’s commitment to excellence stretches far beyond the examination room. His interest in harnessing technology to better serve his patients is one of his top priorities. This has been done through the implementation of the Patient Portal, voice messaging, bidirectional exchange of health information with hospitals and other doctors, and the on-going development of a more convenient online consultation service. His focus on incorporating technology into the office is intended to empower patients to take their health management into their own hands—through easier access to personal medical histories, test results, and educational resources—and to bolster his capabilities as well.

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