Laura Sullivan, CRNP Mental Health

Meet Laura Sullivan, CRNP

Laura is a dedicated professional with decades of valuable experience in the specialty of psychiatry and mental health services. Laura is committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to individuals facing a range of mental health challenges.

Laura specializes in managing conditions such as depression, anxiety, and ADHD. Her focus extends beyond traditional mental health concerns to include cognitive impairment and dementia, reflecting her commitment to addressing the diverse needs of her patients.

Laura collaborates closely with Dr. Maurer and Liza Bavosa, PA. This partnership is rooted in the philosophy of treating patients holistically, considering both physical and mental health aspects. By working together seamlessly, they ensure that individuals receive integrated care that encompasses all facets of their well-being.

Laura’s approach is characterized by empathy, understanding, and a genuine commitment to the improvement of her patients’ lives. Whether you are seeking support for mental health concerns or navigating cognitive challenges, Laura Sullivan is here to guide you on your journey to better health.

Laura Sullivan - Glenwood

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