Dr. Maurer Accepts Certain Plans From The Following Insurance Companies

Medicare (All)

BCBS (All)

Cigna (Some)

Aetna (Some)

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Be Sure To Call Your Insurance Company To Determine If Your Specific Plan Is In-Network.

Out-Of-Network Patients

No matter your insurance, you can still become our patient. However, you may have greater out-of-pocket expense if we don’t participate with your health insurance plan. Our office fees are based on the Medicare fee schedule, as established by the federal government. Charges for a visit are determined by the complexity of the visit, the amount of work required to analyze and manage medical problems, and whether you are a new or established patient. Our office doesn’t charge any “concierge” or additional fees beyond the amounts specified by the Medicare fee schedule.

How Out-Of-Network Visits Are Billed

You’ll receive the same service as an out-of-network patient as you would if you were in-network. After every visit, we will take care of your paperwork and bill your insurance. If there is a difference between what your insurance company will pay and what Medicare allows for the fee, you will receive a bill for the balance. Every insurance plan is different, so we recommend that you talk to your insurance representative or ask us questions before your visit so you know exactly what to expect.

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