We have been in business for over 20 years at our location in Glenwood, MD.  We have a large following of patients, most of whom we have known for many years.  We limit the number of new patients to enable us to render excellent service to our current patients. 

 We practice advanced primary care.  We utilize teamwork and collaboration with our professional staff and our clinical support staff.  We rely on personal relationships with our patients as well as technology to allow us to anticipate problems before they happen. 

 Unlike larger practices, our modest size allows for seamless communication, ensuring you feel heard and valued throughout your healthcare journey.  Our relationship extends outside of the exam room through our Patient Portal, voice messaging, and email.  We use technology to stay current with your health events, using a health information exchange with local hospitals and other doctors.  This enables streamlined communication and easy access to essential medical information.

Dr. Scott Maurer - Glenwood MD

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