Patient Portal

What Is the Patient Portal?

Patient Portal is your digital medical dashboard—a way to securely access your healthcare your way, 24/7. On Patient Portal, you can review your health records, talk to Dr. Maurer directly through secure messages (and receive responses within two business days), make appointments, receive test results, pay bills, update insurance information, and more.

How Do I Sign Up For The Patient Portal?

If you are registered in our office as a current patient you can register for portal access by

  • Clicking the button on the homepage “already a patient” and then selecting the patient portal
  • Navigate your browser to 19508.portal.athenahealth.com

If you are a new patient with an appointment scheduled in the future you can access the portal by the same means. Then you may provide us with medical information in advance to make your visit more efficient and thorough.

Can I Talk To Dr. Maurer Directly On the Patient Portal?

Yes. You may send and receive secure messages on the Patient Portal—like an email service. Dr. Maurer will respond to your messages within two business days and within regular office hours. If you have an urgent medical need call our office. If you are experiencing a potentially life-threatening emergency, please dial 911.

Is My Information Safe On the Patient Portal?

Yes. We use a secure “tunnel” connection that employs computer encryption technology to prevent others from gaining unauthorized access to your health information and communications. This computer encryption is HIPAA-compliant and meets standards specified in state and federal law. We do ask that you change your password regularly and keep it secret to ensure the protection of your account and sensitive information.

General Questions

What Insurance Does Dr. Maurer Accept?

Dr. Maurer accepts patients who are in and out-of-network. Since insurance policies are always changing, please visit our insurance page to see if your current insurance is covered by Dr. Maurer.

What Kind Of Patients Does Dr. Maurer Accept?

Dr. Maurer is a primary care physician, internist, and geriatrician. He accepts all patients 16 years and older.

I’m A New Patient. What Do I Need To Bring To An Office Appointment?

Your insurance information, photo identification, recent lab results, and any recent notes you have from a previous physician. We would love for you to register for the portal and provide information for our review before and during your visit. Also, use this handy guide to make sure you bring everything you need when you visit Dr. Maurer for the first time.

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