⌵ How To Register

You only have to go through the eVisit registration process once. After you’ve registered, please use the “How to book or request and eVisit” walk-through to book and go to virtual appointments. To register,

  • Grab any device to register for eVisit (a tablet, iPhone, Android phone, desktop computer, or laptop)
  • Begin eVisit registration by clicking the “Request an eVisit” button at the top of Dr. Maurer’s website, or following Dr. Maurer’s personal practice link. You must always use this specific web address to access Dr. Maurer’s private platform.
  • Once you’re on http://app.evisit.com/ng/#/enroll/scottmaurermd, create a username and password
  • Fill out your profile information
  • Enter your Visa or Mastercard credit card or health savings card information. *eVisit requires your credit card information to become a user. However, you will only ever be charged by Dr. Maurer after each eVisit based on insurance and co-pay. Any remaining balance will be credited to your account.