⌵ How Do I Book Or Request An eVisit?

After you register for eVisit, there are two ways to schedule and attend appointments:

  • On Desktop or Laptop
  • When using eVisit to book and attend appointments, you must use Firefox or Chrome browsers! No other browsers are supported at this time and eVisit will not work if you’re logged into Safari, Internet Explorer, or Bing.
  • On Mobile Device
  • Download the eVisit app for Android on Google Play, or for iPhone through the app store. Once downloaded, you can use the eVisit app on iPhone, Android, or tablet to schedule and attend appointments.
  • Whichever device you choose (and no matter if you use the eVisit app or your computer),
  • Log into your eVisit account
  • Select “See Now” to see Dr. Maurer as soon as possible or “Schedule an Appointment” to book an eVisit for a later date and time
  • Enter a brief explanation for the reason of your visit
  • If you choose “See Now,” click “Join Now,” follow the prompts, and wait for Dr. Maurer to arrive at your eVisit. You can opt to receive an email and/or text message when Dr. Maurer is ready for your appointment if you prefer.
  • If you schedule an appointment for a later time, log into your eVisit account and click “Join Now” when it’s time to meet
  • For every immediate or scheduled visit, don’t forget to approve the use of your video camera and microphone to avoid any interruption to your connection or appointment time slot!
  • Once your eVisit is complete, Dr. Maurer will charge your health savings card or credit card on file to cover your co-pay. Any remaining balance will be credited to your account and your insurance (if you’re covered) will be billed accordingly.